1966 BBFC Cert. “X”

Rasputin the Mad Monk

In imperial Russia, Rasputin is meant to be living the secluded, spiritual life of a monk. But he is in reality a debauched and depraved womaniser, a man with powers of healing and hypnotism, which, after he has hacked a man’s hand off and attempted to rape a young woman, his religious superiors think must have come from the Devil. Determined to use his powers to further himself, he heads for St Petersburg and, thanks to the help he elicits from Sonia, a lady-in-waiting, he soon finds himself in a position of influence over the Tsarina herself. But, Rasputin still has powerful enemies…..

3- RTMM 1
Production Details

A Hammer Film production presented by Associated British Productions Limited and released through Warner-Pathe Distributors Limited (UK) and Twentieth Century-Fox (US)
Copyright MCMlXVl Hammer Film Productions Ltd, – All rights reserved
MPAA Approved Certificate

No living person is portrayed or referred to in this film

RCA Sound Recording
Produced at Bray Studios, England
Technicolor 91 mins

Filming Began: 13th September 1965
UK Release: 6th March 1966

Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire  (Re-using many of the sets from Dracula, Prince of Darkness)

Black Park Lake, Black Park, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire

Stills from film

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Cast & Crew

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Original Poster
Rasputin the Mad Monk 1966

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Although Michael Ripper is not seen in this film, his voice can nevertheless be heard. In the scene where Rasputin is on his way to St Petersburg, the voice of the uncredited actor (Bartlett Mullins) playing the part of the old peasant driving the cart has clearly been dubbed by that of Ripper.

Uncredited here, actor Brian Wilde went on to star in two BBC TV comedies – as Mr Barrowclough “Porridge” and Foggy in “Last of the Summer Wine”.

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