Hammier Horror

Books by Phillip J. Alexander

Do you enjoy…..?
  • Hideous, inhuman monsters roaming European forests
  • Suspicious, superstitious villagers who speak with Cornish accents
  • Evil barons in sinister castles
  • Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites
  • Murderous mummies risen from the dead
  • Zombies resurrected from the grave
  • Ancient curses, witchcraft, ghastly rituals
  • Bloody death, brave heroes, buxom heroines


revisit all these old friends and EXPERIENCE a feast of blood-soaked fun in the company of…

Professor Winkel

A new detective on the scene in the eternal war against the forces of evil and the supernatural – a man whose skills make Van Helsing look like a schoolboy in short trousers; whose thickness of brain is matched only by that of his German accent!

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