One Million Years B.C.

Hammer’s 100th Film

by Phillip Alexander

On its release at the very end of 1966, ‘One Million Years B.C.’ was proudly publicised by Hammer as their 100th film. If you’ve ever tried to verify this assertion you’ve probably run into trouble. At last, I can reveal all! At the time, this puzzled me also, so I wrote to the Company, shortly after its release, and asked them. Their response was to send me a list of their productions, which justifies their claim.

The trick is to ignore their 1930’s films, all three ‘Dick Bartons’ and to number their featurettes separately from their feature films. There are probably some more slight discrepancies from any other list you might have (notably the omission of ‘Don’t Panic, Chaps!’), but the following is the list which Hammer themselves used to calculate ‘One Million Years B.C.’ as their 100th film.

This is the list Hammer sent me to justify their claim:

*a strange inclusion, this one, as it does not normally appear on lists of Hammer films
** I know – but this is exactly as listed by Hammer

So there you have it – the rather arguable basis for the film’s publicity – Phil Alexander

Original list received from Hammer

(Annotations by Phil)

Hammer’s original listing – annotations by Phil
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