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Cast and Crew related by blood or marriage

The Carreras Family
Enrique, James and Michael Carreras
Enrique Carreras 1880-1950

Head of Exclusive Films, Enrique Carreras teamed up with William Hinds to form Hammer Productions in 1936. After World War 2 he was instrumental in securing a deal with Robert Lippert to distribute he films through Exclusive. Lippert, in turn, would distribute Hammer Films in the US. Enrique died in 1950 with his place on the Hammer/Exclusive board taken over by his grandson, Michael.

James Carreras 1909-1990

Son of Enrique, James Carreras was described by Jimmy Sangster as “the basic architect of Hammer”. After the war, by which time he had achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (and received an MBE) he joined the family business and set about expanding Exclusive and developing the Hammer brand. James resigned his directorship along with his wife, Vera, in 1973, leaving son Michael in sole charge.

Michael Carreras 1927-1994

Son of James, and grandson of Enrique, Michale was a writer, producer director, and company executive. He began his long association with Exclusive/Hammer in 1943 as Director of Publicity, and later personal assistant to producer Anthony Hinds. He left Hammer to form his own production company Capricorn Productions in 1960, returning in 1963 as Director of “Maniac”

Five other members of the Carreras family had working associations with Hammer, including Michael & Yvonne’s three sons – Christopher, Jimmy and Anthony.
Vera: Wife of James and mother of Michael, Vera was a director of the company until 1973.
Yvonne: Wife of Michael, Yvonne began working for Hammer as a personal assistant to Enrique.
Christopher:  As 3rd assistant director on Twins of Evil and later as 2nd assistant director and assistant producer.
Jimmy: Worked in a minor capacity on films in the early 1970’s.
Anthony: Worked in Hammer’s story department in the mid 1970’s.

The Hinds Family
Will Hammer (William Hinds) and Anthony Hinds
Will Hammer (Hinds) 1887-1957
Anthony Hinds 1922-2013

Will Hammer (real name William Hinds) was the founder of Exclusive Films. A well respected business man and part of the “Hinds” jewellery family – a retail chain in the UK, his main passion was all things theatrical. His son Anthony joined the Company in 1938 as a booking clerk, and received the first, of around 80 credits as a Producer, with the 1948 film Who Killed Van Loon. He also has many writing credits often using the pen name John Elder.

Married Couples
Eddie Powell 1927-2000

Stuntman/Actor Eddie Powell and Wardrobe Mistress Rosemary Burrows married on 10 Aug 1966

Rosemary Burrows
Hugh Harlow b. 1939

Assistant Director Hugh Harlow and Continuity Supervisor Pauline Wise married in 1963

Pauline Wise b. 1938
Michael Ripper 1913-2000

Hammer’s most prolific actor, Michael Ripper married Catherine Finn (Elsie Cole in the Journey to the Unknown episode Paper Dolls) in 1972. They divorced in 1978.

Catherine Finn 1915-1980
Jimmy Sangster 1927-2011

Director and writer Jimmy Sangster married Hammer’s 1950’s hairstylist  Monica Hustler in 1950.

Monica Hustler b.1927
John Harvey 1911-1982

John Harvey, a veteran of 13 Hammer appearances was married to Diana King who played Madge Bircher in the Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense episode, Black Carrion

Diana King 1918-1986
Edwin Richfield 1921-1990

Ten-time Hammer actor Edwin Richfield married Jan Holden who made 4 appearances for the Company.

Jan Holden 1931-2005
Nanette Newman b. 1934

Nanette Newman, Alex in Man at the Top, was married to Bryan Forbes from 1955 until his death in 2013. Bryan appeared in Quatermass 2 and Yesterday’s Enemy.

Bryan Forbes 1926-2013

Hammer producer Roy Skeggs married Linda Nettleton in 1988. She worked as a production accountant on the 1984 television series Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense.

Linda Nettleton b.1949
Bernard Robinson 1912-1970

Production designer Bernard Robinson married Margaret Carter in 1960. She worked on four films as a model/mask maker, including 1959’s The Mummy.

Margaret Carter 1920-2016
James Liggat 1920-1981

Casting Director James Liggat married Lorraine Clewes in 1940. She appeared as Martha Blackthorne in 1962’s The Pirates of Blood River.

Lorraine Clewes 1917-1996
Ralph Bates 1941-1991

Five time Hammer actor Ralph Bates and Virginia Wetherall (Inge, in Demons of the Mind) were married in 1973.

Virginia Wetherall b. 1943
Thomas Kempinski 1938-2023

Actors Thomas Kempinski (The Damned 1964) and Frances de la Tour (To the Devil a Daughter) were married in 1972.

Frances de la Tour b.1944
Peter Sellers 1925-1980

Peter Sellers (Up the Creek) and Lynne Frederick (Vampire Circus) were married for 3 years between 1977 and 1980

Lynne Frederick 1954-1997
Jimmy Hanley 1918-1970

Jimmy Hanley appeared in 2 Hammer films and his wife, Dinah Sheridan appeared in the Hammer House of Horror episode “The Thirteenth Reunion”. They Married in 1942.

Dinah Sheridan 1920-2012
Kenneth Cope b. 1931

Kenneth Cope appeared in 2 Hammer films and his wife, Renny Lister  played Yvonne in The Curse of the Werewolf . They Married in 1961.

Renny Lister b. 1934
Simon Williams b. 1946

Actor Simon Williams (The Late Nancy Irving) married actress Lucy Fleming (Rasputin the Mad Monk) in 1986.

Lucy Fleming b. 1947
Anna Calder-Marshall b.1947

Actress Anna Calder-Marshall played Janet in the Hammer House of Horror episode The Two Faces of Evil. Her husband David Burke appeared ac PC Collins in 2012’s The Woman in Black.

David Burke b.1934
Yutte Stensgaard b. 1946

Yutte Stensgaard (Mircalla in Lust for a Vampire) married Tony Curtis (Production Draughtsman, on The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb) in 1967. They divorced in 1971.

Tony Curtis 1937-2021
John (Paddy) Carstairs 1910-1970
Anthony Nelson Keys 1911-1985
Basil Keyes 1917-2009

Brothers John “Paddy” Carstairs (born John Keys), Anthony Nelson Keys and Basil Keys all worked for Hammer. “Paddy” a director and comic writer, directed the 1961 film “A Weekend with Lulu”. Anthony was the producer on 40 Hammer productions, and Basil had various production and directing roles on 5 Hammer productions.

Mary Collinson 1952-2021

Twin sisters Mary and Madeline Collinson, born 22 July 1952, played the title characters in Twins of Evil

Madeleine Collinson 1952-2014
Joe Powell 1922-2016

Actor/Stuntmen brothers Joe and Eddie Powell. Joe’s appearances included the Yeti in “The Abominable Snowman” and Eddie’s included The Mummy in “The Mummy’s Shroud”.

Eddie Powell 1927-2000
Molly Arbuthnot 1908-2001

Brother and sister Don Weeks and Molly Arbuthnot both had long careers with Hammer. Between them they amassed 82 credits for the Company, Molly in the wardrobe department for 52, and Don as a production manager for 30.

Don Weeks 1904-1988
Parental Relationships
Jimmy Hanley (1918-1970) & Dinah Sheridan (1920-2012)

Jenny Hanley, daughter of Jimmy Hanley and Dinah Sheridan, starred in Hammer’s 1970 film “Scars of Dracula”

Jenny Hanley b.1947
Bernard Braden 1916-1993

Bernard Braden appeared in 1961’s  “The Full Treatment”. His daughter, Kim, played Alice in “Wolfshead”.

Kim Braden b.1948
Thora Hird 1911-2003

Mother and Daughter actresses, Thora Hird and Janette Scott, have 6 Hammer credits between them. Thora has 4 including 1958’s Clean Sweep, and Janette 2 – Paranoiac and The Old Dark House.

Jeanette Scott b.1938
Freddie Francis 1917-2007

Freddie Francis directed five Hammer productions. His son, Kevin, worked on Dracula has Risen from the Grave as a production runner and went on to form Hammer’s rival company, Tyburn Productions.

Kevin Francis b.1949
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