Ernie Rice

Ernie Rice

17 Nov 1896 – 1979

Professional boxer and background player Ernie Rice was born John Tomasso on November 17, 1896 in Hull, England. Rice was a professional boxer from 1911 to 1930: Throughout the course of his boxing career Rice participated in 83 fights altogether, with 50 wins, 28 losses, three no contests, and two fights resulting in a draw. In the wake of retiring from boxing Ernie went on to become a boxing referee. He made his debut as a professional boxer in December, 1911. Rice was the British and European lightweight champion between 1921 and 1922.

Ernie Rice first began popping up in films in uncredited minor roles in the mid-1930’s. A large muscular man with a rough face and a hulking build, Ernie was often cast as vendors, villagers, or pub patrons.

He died in 1979.

Ernie Rice’s Hammer Appearances (7)

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