1956 BBFC Cert. “U”

A Man on the Beach

With the help of his driver, a criminal pulls off a daring robbery at a casino in the South of France, then double-crosses and kills him. In the struggle, he is shot and wounded. Stumbling along the shore in agony, he takes refuge in a lonely beach house, where, he finds to his cost, that the owner has a trick or two up his sleeve.

3- AMOTB 1
Production Details

A Hammer production released by Exclusive Films
Copyright MCMLV by Exclusive Films
RCA Sound Recording
Produced at Bray Studios

Eastmancolour by Humphries Laboratories 27 minutes featurette
Unspecified Panamorphic, wide-screen process

Filming Began: 18th July 1955
UK Release: 26th March 1956

Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire – Mediterranean casino

Cliffs overlooking St Margaret’s Bay, Dover, Kent

Stills from film

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Cast & Crew

Red = Uncredited


Director Joseph Losey worked for Hammer again on The Damned (1961), but his more famous films were made elsewhere and include The Servant (1963), Modesty Blaise (1966),  Accident (1967) and The Go-Between (1971). He died in 1984.

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