1950 BBFC Cert. “U”

What the Butler Saw

Comedy. An elderly earl returns with his butler, Bembridge, to his stately home in the English countryside after ten years away in the South Pacific. But, they have brought with them an unexpected piece of luggage in the shape of a young and beautiful princess, Lapis. She is in love with Bembridge, but her efforts to win him over, together with some of the strange native ways she has brought with her, soon cause outrage and chaos in the disapprovingly snooty, upper-crust household.

3- WTBS 1
Production Details

Edward J. Mason’s popular B.B.C. Feature. A Hammer Films Production

A Hammer Film production released by Exclusive Films
From an original story by Roger and Donald Good

Black & White 61 minutes

Filming Began: January 1950
UK Release: 11th September 1950

Oakley Court Hotel, Oakley Green, Windsor, Berkshire

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Cast & Crew

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High-camp character actor Michael Ward appeared in numerous films, perhaps most notably as the Egyptian Queen’s High Priest Archimedes in Carry on Cleo (1965). He was also in Hammer’s Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1973), in which he played a transvestite lunatic! His last appearance for the Company was in Man About the House (1974).

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