Walter Harvey

Walter Harvey

9 Feb 1903 – 1979

Walter James “Jimmy” Harvey-Pape was born on 9 February 1903, in Hornsey, London. He was most often credited Walter J. Harvey, Walter Harvey, James Harvey or Jimmy Harvey.

Half German, he started his career in Germany in 1926, and in Britain in 1929.

Walter first worked for Hammer photographing the second unit for Celia (1949). After which he became the in-house lighting cameraman following the departure of Cedric Williams.

Jimmy Sangster recalled “As cameraman, he was the assistant director’s delight. He was quick, efficient and never asked for a retake”

His sister was actress Lilian (1906-1968).

Walter J Harvey died in Hornsey, London in 1979, he was 75.

Walter J Harvey’s Hammer Productions (34)

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