1954 BBFC Cert. “A”

Five Days

Alternative Title: Paid to Kill

When a financial deal arranged by cavalier businessman James Nevill falls through, he faces ruin. Seeing no future for himself, he decides that the least he can do is make sure his wife is well looked after, so he blackmails an old, and shady, acquaintance into killing him; she will then be able to claim against his insurance. The murder is to take place within the next five days, but then the original business deal comes up trumps and he is financially saved. His relief is short-lived, though, when he cannot call off his proposed killer and the attempts on his life begin…

3- FD 1
Production Details

A Hammer production released by Exclusive Films (UK) and Lippert Films (USA)
Copyright MCMLIV by Exclusive Films Ltd.
RCA Sound System
Produced at Bray Studios
Black & White 72 minutes

Filming Began: 1st November 1953
UK Release: 12th May 1954

Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire

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Five Days 1954

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Forrest Tucker moved on to sci-fi/fantasy after this film, appearing in “The Trollenberg Terror” (1956), “The Abominable Snowman” (for Hammer, 1957) and “The Strange World of Planet X” (1957).

Elderly actor Arnold Marle had already worked for Hammer in “The Glass Cage” (1954). He had more substantial roles for them as the Lhama in “The Abominable Snowman” (1957) and as Anton Diffring’s non-rejuvenating partner in “The Man Who Could Cheat Death” (1959).

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