Hammer Trivia 2

Hammer Trivia 2

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Hammer Trivia 2

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The final Hammer film produced in full at Bray Studios was?

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Which is the only film where Hammer's three most credited actors, Michael Ripper, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee appear together?

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Hammer hair stylist, Monica Hustler, was married to which Hammer director?

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Which wardrobe mistress was the sister of Hammer production Manager, Don Weeks?

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How many Hammer productions used Jack the Ripper as a theme for the film?

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Which film did Patrick Allen NOT provide the opening narration for?

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John Forbes-Robertson replaced first choice Christopher Lee in two Hammer productions, The Vampire Lovers and which other production?

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Which unmade Hammer project was later adapted for BBC radio, and broadcast in 2017?

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The son of which Hammer director set up rival production company Tyburn Films?

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Whose script for what eventually became "The Curse of Frankenstein" was rejected by Hammer?

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