1959 BBFC Cert. “A”

The Hound of the Baskervilles

When Sir Charles Baskerville dies in mysterious circumstances, his last remaining relative, Sir Henry, comes home from South Africa to claim his inheritance and property on the wild, lonely moorlands of Dartmoor in Devon. But legend has it that there is a curse on the family, a curse in the form of a gigantic hound from Hell which brings death to each successive head of the Baskervilles. The case is referred to consulting detective Sherlock Holmes who considers there to be grave cause for concern and, unable to go himself, asks his friend and protege Doctor Watson to accompany Sir Henry down to Dartmoor.

3- THOTB 1
Production Details

A Hammer film production released by United Artists Copyright MCMLVIII by Hammer films
MPAA Approved Certificate
RCA Sound Recording
Produced at Bray Studios
Technicolor 87 mins

Filming Began: 8th August 1958
UK Release: 4th May 1959

Bray Studios, Down Place, Oakley Green, Berkshire

Chobham Common, Surrey
Frensham Ponds, Farnham, Surrey

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Cast & Crew

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The Hound of the Baskervilles 1959

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Playing Sherlock Holmes here served Peter Cushing well, since he was later asked to resume the role for the BBC in their long-running 1960s TV series.

With this film, Roy Ashton takes over from Phil Leakey as Hammer’s principal man in charge of blood and gore.

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