The Madison Equation

The Madison Equation

Hammer Film Productions

Copyright © MCMLXVIII
Filmed at Intertel Studios by Addavision

Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Television

William Self -In charge

UK Release Date 2nd June 1969


Inga and Ralph Madison develop a computer with artificial intelligence and a personality. Jealous Ralph tries to programme the computer to kill his wife, but the computer has a mind of its own.


Executive Consultant
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Production Associate
Supervising Editor
Art Director
Music Composed by
Music Supervisor
Main Title Theme by
Assistant Director
Sound Recordist
Sound Editors
Hair Stylist
Post – Production Consultant
Story Editor
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Jack Fleischmann
Norman Lloyd
David Muir
Harry Fine
James Needs G.B.F.E.
Ken Norman
Basil Kirchin, Jack Nathan
Philip Martell
Harry Robinson
Ronald J. Fagan
David Alexander
James Liggat
Bob Peck
Roy Baker G.B.F.E., Brian Hickin
Norma Camara
Dolly Hodges
Mary Gibson
Robert Mintz
John Gould
M.A.P. International Limited
Michael J. Bird
Anthony Hinds
Rex Firkin


Inga Madison
Ralph Madison
Barbara Rossiter
Stuart Crosbie
Adam Frost
Sir Gerald Walters
General Wanamaker
Frederick Shea
Fire Officer

Barbara Bel Geddes
Alan Cuthbertson
Sue lloyd
Paul Danman
Jack Hedley
Tenniel Evans
Lionel Murton
Aubrey Morris
Timothy Parkes


Arguably best remembered for her role as Miss Ellie, the Ewing family matriarch on the long-running Lorrimar Production’s TV series “Dallas”(1978).

Jack Hedley also appeared for Hammer in “The Scarlet Blade” (1963), “The Secret of Blood Island” (1965) and “The Annivesary” (1968). He also provided the voice for the parrot in the James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only” (1981).

Details were complied viewing the Episode. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection