Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls

Hammer Film Productions

Copyright © MCMLXVIII
Filmed at Intertel Studios by Addavision

Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Television

William Self -In charge

UK Release Date 3rd march 1970


A teacher witnesses one of his students mentally attack another. The boy claims that his brother didn’t like what the student did to him. He also learns that he drew a sketch when he supposedly couldn’t. He learns from his parents who adopted him that he has a twin brother. So the teacher and another go see the brother and learn from his mother that he draws. They discover him playing the piano when his mother claims he can’t. They learn that he is not the brother that the student claims who made him attack the other. The teacher later finds himself experiencing his worst fear. They later find where they were born and discover another brother who plays the piano. They learn that their biological parents were subjected to experiments by the Nazis. They discover that the fourth brother is inherently evil. The boys then all come together. The teacher tries to save them.

Inga and Ralph Madison develop a computer with artificial intelligence and a personality. Jealous Ralph tries to programme the computer to kill his wife, but the computer has a mind of its own.


Executive Consultant
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Production Manager
Supervising Editor
Art Director
Music Composed by
Music Supervisor
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Unit Manager
Assistant Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Art Director
Sound Recordist
Sound Editors
Hair Stylist
Post – Production Consultant
Story Editor
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Jack Fleischmann
Joan Harrison
Arthur Lavis B.S.C.
John Oldknow
James Needs G.B.F.E.
William Kellner
David Lindup
Philip Martell
Harry Robinson
Ronald J. Fagan
Michael Brown
Brian Dunbar
Lou Lavelly
Lilian Lee
George Lack
James Liggat
John Streeter
Roy Baker G.B.F.E., Tony Pullen
Ernest Taylor
Elsie Alder
Klara Kerpan
Robert Mintz
John Gould
M.A.P. International Limited
Oscar Millard
L.P. Davies
Anthony Hinds
James Hill


Craig Miller
Jill Collins
Bart Brereton
Emily Blake
Mrs. Latham
Joe Blake
Charles Philips
Dr. Yarrow
Mrs Biddle
Albert Cole
Catherine Finn
The Vicar

Michael Tolan
Nanette Newman
Barnaby Shaw
Roderick Shaw
John Welsh
June Jago
Dorothy Alison
Jerold Wells
Kenneth J. Warren
Noel Davis
Edward Hardwick
Hazel Hughs
Michael Ripper
Elsie Cole
George Benson


Arguably best remembered for her role as Miss Ellie, the Ewing family matriarch on the long-running Lorrimar Production’s TV series “Dallas”(1978).

This was Nanette Newman’s only appearance in a Hammer pproduction. She was famous in the UK for a series of ‘Fairy Liquid’ TV advertisements.
She was married to Bryan Forbes who appeared in Hammer’s “Yesterday’s Enemy” (1959) and “Quatermass 2” (1957).

Hammer favourite, Michael Ripper, puts in an appearance here.

Details were complied viewing the Episode. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection