Rosemary Burrows

Rosemary Burrows

Details of Rosemary Burrows birth date are not known.

Rosemary provided wardrobe services for many of Hammer’s horror films. She began as an assistant on The Camp on Blood Island (1958).

Production Manager Christopher Neame is quoted as saying “As wardrobe mistress-cum-designer, Rosemary was responsible for countless costumes, many of great richness and others perfectly befitting the so often featured peasants of Anthony Hinds’ scripts. Her style expressed depth and authenticity and her creative mind was utterly boundless……What Rosemary achieved on a limited budget is extraordinary, and it is that kind of situation, having one’s back to the wall, that brings out her true talent.”

Rosemary married Hammer actor/stunt man Eddie Powell in 1966.

Rosemary Burrows’ Hammer Productions (41)

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