Hammier Horror

Hammier Horror

by Phillip J Alexander

Do you enjoy…..?

  • Hideous, inhuman monsters roaming European forests
  • Suspicious, superstitious villagers who speak with Cornish accents
  • Evil barons in sinister castles
  • Ancient Egyptian archaeological sites
  • Murderous mummies risen from the dead
  • Zombies resurrected from the grave
  • Ancient curses, witchcraft, ghastly rituals
  • Bloody death, brave heroes, buxom heroines


revisit all these old friends and EXPERIENCE a feast of blood-soaked fun in the company of…

Professor Winkel

A new detective on the scene in the eternal war against the forces of evil and the supernatural – a man whose skills make Van Helsing look like a schoolboy in short trousers; whose thickness of brain is matched only by that of his German accent!

  • Phillip J Alexander A Hammier Horror Double Bill

    With the collapse of the communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the author of this book, having nothing better to do, paid a visit to the headquarters of the Secret Police in what had been East Berlin. While there, owing to the effect of eating an undercooked bratwurst, he was caught short and had to dash down to the toilet in the dark, dank basement where he made an astonishing and historic discovery. Hanging from the wall were the archives and diaries of a certain Professor Winkel, preserved in

    a roll of handy-sized ready-to-use perforated strips. Quickly finding an alternative for his immediate needs, he took the roll of paper home with him, so saving these remarkable and important records quite literally from being wiped away forever! Back at his home in the London suburb of South Croydon, Phillip J Alexander painstakingly set about the task of piecing the fragmented papers together and translating them. Now, having completed work on Professor Winkel's first two cases, he is

    proud to present them in this book. The reader will soon realise from the horrific details of the curses of The Blood Monster and The Curse of the Mummy's Boy that Winkel did indeed merit his self-styled title of 'Super Sleuth of the Supernatural'. What the reader may find more difficult to believe, however, is that all the details of the cases are undisputed fact and are related as they actually happened. Only the names have been changed to

    protect the innocent.

    Phillip J Alexander A Hammier Horror Double Bill

  • Misunderstandings are part of our everyday life. Take, for instance, the case of the Japanese tourist who asked a railway booking office clerk for travel information for a trip to Turkey. She was found several hours later in a somewhat confused state wandering the streets of Torquay. In the year 1901 a similar stroke of ill-fortune befell a certain Nosbert Greveley. Anxious to comply with his father's dying wish to be buried in his native village of Hightae in Scotland, Nosbert also turned to

    a stranger for help and found himself transported thousands of miles from his goal to the voodoo-ridden land of Haiti! But there the similarities between the two cases end. For, while the Japanese tourist was soon to be rescued by a friendly Devonshire 'bobby', no such help was at hand for the hapless Nosbert. In place of salvation there descended upon him a curse of unimaginable horror, the torments of the dammed and, worse still, living death. A curse that was to spread its evil influence

    across the great ocean to Scotland threatening to annihilate the entire Greveley family. Their only hope lay in Professor Winkel, super-sleuth of the supernatural. But would even he be able to stop the ghastly orgy of ungodly terror and blood-soaked carnage? It is with feelings of great humility that the author presents more true revelations from the diaries and archives of the heroic professor in the sincere hope that an appreciative audience will finally give Winkel the clap that he has so

    richly deserved for so long.

    Phillip J Alexander Hammier Horror 2