John Stuart

John Stuart

18 Jul 1898 – 17 Oct 1979

John Alfred Louden Croall was born in Edinburgh on 18 October 1898.

John Stuart was a leading man of the silent screen, a sort of British equivalent to Valentino, usually cast in dashing romantic roles. Apparently, he rarely used a double and sustained several injuries, at one time nearly drowning while filming in Cardigan Bay. Stuart successfully made the transition to sound and later became a prolific character actor. John was at one time married to the actress Barbara Markham, who played Frau Kummer in Hammer’s The Lady Vanishes (1979). His appearance as Beverley in Hammer’s The Scarlet Blade (1964) is uncredited.

John Stuart died on 17 October 1979 in London, he was 81.

John Stuart’s Hammer Appearances (8)

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