Hammer Vampire Quiz

Hammer Vampire Quiz

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Hammer Vampire Quiz

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Vampire Circus was filmed using the same sets as which other film?

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What, in the US ,was the title of Dracula (1958) changed to?

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How many Hammer films have the name “Dracula” in the title?

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Who wrote the novel, Carmilla, on which Hammer’s Karnstein trilogy was based?

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Who is the only actor other than Christopher Lee to appear in all of these films, Dracula has Risen from the Grave, Scars of Dracula and Taste the Blood of Dracula.

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Whose alias was John Elder, who wrote the screenplay for Kiss of the Vampire?

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What is the only Hammer vampire film in which Christopher Lee did not play the character “Dracula”?

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Twins of Evil was released as a double bill with which other film?

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Apart from Peter Cushing, who is the only other actor from Dracula (1958) to appear in Brides of Dracula 1960?

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How much screen time does Christopher Lee have In Dracula (1958)?

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