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Hammer Trivia

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Playing a German officer, and also supplying the voice for Dennis Price when his character was speaking German, which Hammer actor can be heard "talking to himself" in the 1956 Boulting Brothers comedy "Private's Progress"?



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The mother appeared in "The Quatermass Xperiment" and the daughter in "The Old Dark House". Who are the two actresses?

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Which writer collaborated with Roger Corman on some of his Edgar Allan Poe adaptations and wrote the screenplay for "The Devil Rides Out"?

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Who was replaced as director of "The Anniversary" by Roy Ward Baker?

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Which actor's first film, "The Man in the Iron Mask", was prophetically directed by James Whale, the man who had directed Universal's 1931 "Frankenstein"?

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He starred with Barbara Steele in "Black Sunday" and later married actress Martine Beswick. He was also one of Hammer's leading men. Who?

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Tom Conway, who starred in "Blood Orange" in 1953, was the brother of which famous actor?

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Jacqueline Pearce, who starred in "The Plague of the Zombies" and "The Reptile", has gained a cult following for her role as Servalan in which BBC TV series?

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What is the name of the underground station in "Quatermass and the Pit"?

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This Hollywood actor was the father of two famous acting sons. In 1955, he starred in Hammer's "Third Party Risk". Who was he?

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