Hammer Frankenstein Quiz

Hammer Frankenstein Quiz

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Hammer Frankenstein Quiz

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Which actress played Anna in Frankenstein must be Destroyed, and Elizabeth in The Horror of  Frankenstein?

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Which actor twice played the Creature in Hammer’s Frankenstein films?

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Who went from the Chief of Police in The Evil of Frankenstein, to a prisoner in The Horror of Frankenstein?

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Who played the Bailiff in Horror of Frankenstein, and Dr Harvey in Four Sided Triangle?

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 Which director was originally scheduled for The Evil of Frankenstein, but had to pull out because of an automobile accident?

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Peter Cushing appeared in all but one of Hammer’s seven Frankenstein films, which one?

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Which actor, who played BBC TV’s Dr Who, had a brief role as a mortuary assistant in Curse of Frankenstein, although his scenes were cut from the final film?

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Melvin Hayes (Young Victor in Hammer’s  Curse of Frankenstein), played which character in BBC TV’s It Ain’t Half Hot Mum?

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In The Revenge of Frankenstein, the Baron set up a medical practice in Harley Street using which name?

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Who played Baron Frankenstein in the TV pilot Tales of Frankenstein 1958?

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