Flesh and Blood

Flesh & Blood – 1994

The Heritage of Hammer Horror

Produced by Bosustow Media Group and Hammer Films Ltd.

Studio Facilities: Walshy (UK), Alpha Telecommunications (USA)
Special Thanks to: First City Video, Wales
Post Production Facilities: Video-it Post
Telecine and Technical Facilities: QC Video, The Transfer Station, Hart Video, FotoKem, StarCom.

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Peter Francovich Productions


The history of Hammer Films and their legacy, narrated by the studio’s most beloved stars, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.


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On Screen Talent : Daniel Berwick, Stirling Powers, Jamie Cohen, Mike Sizemore.

Stills and Archival Photography

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Music from Hammer Films

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© 1989, 1990 Silva Screen Records Ltd.

Film Clips Courtesy of:

City Island Video
The Clip Joint (Ken Kramer)
Discount Video (Woody Wise)
Ernest Farino
Mike Haggard Productions
Motion Picture Holdings (Bernie Gordon)
Sinister Cinema (Greg Luce)
George Stover
Trailers on tape (Bill Longdon)
Wavelength Video (Ray Atherton)


Scenes from Hammer Films © 1954-1975 (inclusive). All rights reserved worldwide
Anthony Hinds footage ©1988 Courtesy of British Broadcasting Corporation
Christopher Lee footage ©1990 HBO, Home Box Office
Ray Harryhausen footage ©Cinezoi Films (Don Glut)
Location footage ©1994 Atomic Pictures (Mark Carducci)
Bray Home Movies ©1994 (Francis Matthews)


Lance Alspaugh, David Booth, Lorri Broda, Joyce Broughton,Colin Cowie, Sue Cowie, David Del Valle, James Fitzpatrick, Sophie James, Russel Lister, William Lustig, John Robins, Max Rosenberg, Roy Skeggs, Steve Swires, Robert Tinnell, Mark Verheiden, Tom Weaver, Richelle Wilder, Ron Wilson.

Special Thanks

Roy Ward Baker, James Bernard, Martine Beswick, Veronica Carlson, Michael Carreras, Hazel Court, Joe Dante, Freddie Francis, Val Guest, Ray Harryhausen, Anthony Hinds, Andrew Keir, Francis Matthews, Ferdy Mayne, Caroline Munro, Christopher Neame, Ingrid Pitt, Jimmy Sangster, Yutte Stensgaard, Raquel Welch.

Richard Klemensen
Little Shop of Horrors Magazine
PO Box 3107 Des Moines, Iowa, USA, 50316

and to all artistes, accountants, cooks, cameramen, directors, electricians, musicians, plasterers, producers, secretaries and writers who were Hammer.


James Bernard
1925 – 2001

Composed the music for 25 Hammer Productions

Martine Beswick
b. 1941

Starred in 3 Hammer Films

Veronica Carlson
1944 – 2022

Star of 3 Hammer Films

Michael Carreras
1927 – 1994

Son of founder James Carreras credited in 76 Hammer Productions

Hazel Court
1926 – 2008

Star of 2 Hammer Films

Peter Cushing
1913 – 1994

Star of 23 Hammer Films

Joe Dante
b. 1946

Horror Director and Narrator “Flesh & Blood”

Freddie Francis
1917 – 2007

Director of 5 Hammer films

Ray Harryhausen
1920 – 2013

Special Effects creator One Million Years BC

Anthony Hinds
1922 – 2013

67 Hammer Production credits

Andrew Kier
1926 – 1997

Hammer’s Quatermass

Christopher Lee
1922 – 2015

Hammer’s Dracula and veteran of over 20 Hammer Productions

Francis Matthews
1927 – 2014

Appeared in 4 Hammer Productions

Ferdy Mayne
1916 – 1998

Appeared in 4 Hammer Productions

Caroline Munro
b. 1949

Appeared in 2 Hammer Productions

Christopher Neame
b. 1947

Hammer’s Johnny Alucard

Jimmy Sangster
1927 – 2011

65 Hammer production credits, including writing 1958’s Dracula

Roy Ward-Baker
1916 – 2010

Directed 7 Hammer Films

Raquel Welch
b. 1940

Shot to fame through her only Hammer film – One Million Years B.C.