Hammer’s Television Productions

In the 1960’s and 1980’s Hammer produced three series for the small screen:

Journey to the Unknown – 1968

Aired between 1968 and 1969 it consisted of 17 episodes with a  fantasy, science fiction and supernatural theme.

Hammer House of Horror – 1980

Each self-contained episode features a different kind of horror. These vary from witches, werewolves and ghosts to devil-worship and voodoo, but also include non-supernatural horror themes such as cannibalism, confinement and serial killers. In 2003 Channel 4 placed Hammer House of Horror at No. 50 in its “100 Scariest Moments” show. The clip shown was the children’s party scene in “The House That Bled to Death”.

The Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense – 1984

Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense is a short-lived (one season) anthology television series produced in Britain in 1984/85 by Hammer Studios. Though similar in format to the 1980 series Hammer House of Horror, the Mystery and Suspense series had feature-length episodes, usually running around 70 minutes without commercials.

The series was a co-production by Hammer Studios with 20th Century Fox Television (as was the 1968 anthology series Journey to the Unknown), and is known in the United States as “Fox Mystery Theatre”. Unlike 1980’s Hammer House of Horror, it was first aired in the UK by ITV in 1984, though was not simulcast and was shown in different timeslots (and a different running order) throughout the various ITV regions.

The World of Hammer

First aired in 1994, Oliver Reed narrated this 13 episode clip show series that showcased the many various movies that Hammer produced. A great introduction for those unfamiliar with the amazing (and now resurrected) company. Even long standing Hammer fans will still enjoy watching clips from movies they love. All episodes were grouped by theme.


As with the main filmography, we have avoided giving any critical information about the productions.