1958 Further Up the Creek

Further Up the Creek – 1958

A Byron-Hammer film production released by Columbia Pictures
Copyright MCMLVIII by Byron Film Productions Ltd. – All rights reserved 
MPAA Approved Certilicate No. 19146 
All characters and events depicted in this film are fictitious and any similatity to persons living or dead is coincidental 
RCA Sound Recording 
Produced at Bray Studios 
Black & White 91 mins


Naval comedy. When an old Navy warship is sold to the North African country of Algerrocco, the crew see a way of making some crafty money on the side by selling tickets for the ‘cruise’ out there. But then Lieutenant Fairweather is placed in command – and he is not in on the secret! 

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This film is the sequel to “Up the Creek” (also 1958), which, although filmed in Hammerscope and released by Exclusive, was purely a Byron Film production and not a co-production with Hammer, as is the case here.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection