1967 Quatermass and the Pit

Quatermass and the Pit – 1967

Alternative Title: Five Million Years to Earth

A Hammer Film production presented by Associated British Pathe Limited and released through Warner-Pathe Distributors Limited (UK) and Twentieth Century-Fox (USA)
Copyright MCMLXVlI Hammer Film Productions ltd, – All rights reserved 
MPAA Approved Certificate No. 21860 

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional 

RCA Sound System 
Produced at M,G,M, British Studios, Boreham Wood, Herts
Technicolor 97 mins 


Work on the London Underground at Hobbs End is halted when a strange, dwarf-like skeleton is found. Scientists are called in, headed by Dr Roney, and further diggings reveal something metallic buried in the mud. Thinking it to be an unexploded wartime bomb, Roney informs the Ministry of Defence and Professor Quatermass and Colonel Breen inspect the object. Breen is convinced that the thing is a German secret weapon, but Quatermass suspects something far more sinister. Given the history of the area, where for centuries sightings of ‘demons’ have been reported, he believes that forces from another world have been at work – forces which could still wreak havoc!

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This was Roy Ward Baker’s first film for Hammer, the others are “The Anniversary” (1968), “Moon Zero Two” (1969), “The Vampire Lovers” (1970), “Scars of Dracula” (1970), “Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde” (1971) and “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires” (1974). For rivals Amicus, he directed “Asylum” (1972), “…and now the Screaming Starts” (1973) and “The Vault of Horror” (1973). His other work includes “The Monster Club” (1980, with Vincent Price and John Carradine).

English comedian and actor Mike Reid played Frank Butcher in the BBC TV soap opera Eastenders.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection