The Studio that Dripped Blood

The Studio that Dripped Blood – 1987

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A retrospective of the films of Hammer Studios, renowned for making stylish horror films in the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. Included are clips from Hammer productions and interviews with actors, actresses, directors and producers who worked on these films.


New York Interview
Film Camermen
Film Sound
Rostrum Camera
Videotape Editor
Dubbing Mixer
Production Secretary
Film Editor

Debbie Gellar
Brian McCann, John Walker
Martin Clift, John Cooper
Zephyr Films
Collo Caulton
Mike Horwood
Frances Keen
Paul Willley
Nick Jones, David Thompson


Images from the 1987 program.

James Bernard
1925 – 2001

Composed the music for 25 Hammer Productions

Sir James Carreras (1970)
1909 – 1990

Hammer Founder

Michael Carreras
1927 – 1994

Son of founder James Carreras.
Production credits in over 60 Hammer Productions,

Peter Cushing
1913 – 1994

Star of 18 Hammer Films

Anthony Hinds
1922 – 2013

Over 70 Hammer Production credits

Christopher Lee
1922 – 2015

Hammer’s Dracula and veteran of over 20 Hammer Productions

David Pirie
b. 1953

Writer and Critic

Ingrid Pitt
1937 – 2010

Hammer’s Countess Dracula

Jimmy Sangster
1927 – 2011

55 Hammer production credits, including writing 1958’s Dracula

Martin Scorsese
b. 1942


Don Sharp
1921 – 2011

Director – “Rasputin – The Mad Monk” (1966)

Aida Young
1920 – 2007

Hammer Producer