The Indian Spirit Guide

The Indian Spirit Guide

Hammer Film Productions

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Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Television

William Self -In charge

UK Release Date 30th June 1969


A widow desperate to contact her late husband falls prey to a con artist out to expose phoney spiritualists.


Executive Consultant
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Production Manager
Supervising Editor
Art Director
Music Composed by
Music Supervisor
Main Title Theme by
Unit Manager
Assistant Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Art Director
Sound Recordist
Sound Editors
Hair Stylist
Post – Production Consultant
Story Editor
Titles by
Written by
Based upon the short story “Special Delivery” by
Produced by
Directed by

Jack Fleischmann
Joan Harrison
Ken Talbot
John Oldknow
James Needs G.B.F.E.
Roy Stannard
Basil Kirchin
Philip Martell
Harry Robinson
Brian Freemantle
Christopher Neame
John Elton
Moray Grant
Estelle Stewart
Graham Parker
James Liggat
Stan Smart
Roy Baker G.B.F.E., Brian Hickin
Bill Parleton
Mibs Parker
Mary Gibson
Robert Mintz
John Gould
M.A.P. International Limited
Robert Bloch

John Collier
Anthony Hinds
Roy Ward Baker


Leona Gillings
Jerry Crown
Mixx Sarah Prinn
Mrs Hubbard
Bright Arrow

Julie Harris
Tom Adams
Tracy Reed
Catherine Lacey
Marne Maitland
Dennis Ramsden
Julian Sherrier


Marne Maitland’s other appearances for Hammer were –  “Break in the Circle” (1955), “The Camp on Blood Island” (1958), “I Only Arsked” (1958), “The Stranglers of Bombay” (1959),  “The Terror of the Tongs” (1961), “The Phantom of the Opera” (1962) and “The Reptile” (1966).

Details were complied viewing the Episode. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection