And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

And the Wall Came Tumbling Down

© 1984 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, All rights reserved

All characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herin are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely co-incidental.

Produced by Hammer Film Productions Limited entirely on location in The United Kingdom and Austria

ITV London Transmission Date: 4th July 1985


In a condemned medieval London church, a demolition crew uncovers a walled up chamber with a skeleton inside. Black liquid crawls out of it and makes a haunted hose choke to death one of the workers. A skeptical police inspector is brought in but he deems the death an accident. However, a female journalist tries to convince him that there’s more to the church than it seems. Meanwhile, a young man who feels a strange connection to the building tries to sneak in with his girlfriend. An old priest reveals that in the 17th century, the church was once used by a Satanic cult led by a Satanic priest until one of the cultists had a change of heart and betrayed the coven to the church which led to some of the cultists being caught and burned alive at the stake. Just before dying, they vowed revenge against both the traitor’s descendants and the church itself.


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Don Houghton
John Peacock
Heather Armitage
Frank Watts BSc
Terry Cole
Bob Dearberg G.B.F.E.
Anthony Payne
Philip Martell
Ron Jackson
Ken Withers
John O’Connor
Lorely Farley
Steve Hardie
Lesley de Pettitt
William J Kenney, Daniel Travis
Karen Woods
Laura Nightingale
Eddie Knight
Betty Sherriff
Sheila Collins
John Bramall
Terry Poulton GBFE
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Sheala Daniell, Linda Nettleton
Jean Garloch
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Dennis Spooner & John Peacock
Brian Lawrence
Roy Skeggs
Paul Arnett


Caroline Trent
Peter Whiteway
Alan/Martin Yardley
Daniel/General Haswell
Gran Waters
Kim/Cathering Parkes
Father Harris
Inspector Crane
Father Ambrey/Packard
Pinder/David Pritchard
Sergeant Mills
Brinkley/Robert Ford
Police Constable Hopkins
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Barbie Benton
Gareth Hunt
Brian Deacon
Peter Wyngard
Pat Hayes
Carol Royale
Ralph Michael
Gary Waldhorn
Robert James
Richard Hampton
Angela Grant
Ray Armstrong
Peter Baldwin
Jona Jones
Tim Pearce
Michael Kingsbury
Christopher Farries
Peter Macklen
Simon Sutton
Danny McCarthy


Gareth Hunt played Mike Gambit in the ITV series “The New Avengers” (1975). Carol Royale starred in the television comedy series “Life Without George” (1987-9).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection