2014 The Quiet Ones

The Quiet Ones – 2014

Exclusive Media Presents, In association with Travelling Picture Show Company, A Hammer Films Production, In association with Midfield Films.

Running time 98 mins


In 1974, Oxford professor Joseph Coupland invites introspective lad Brian McNeil to film his experimental treatment of subject Jane Harper, aided by student assistants Krissi Dalton and Harry Abrams. Jane, a young woman with no memory of the past and repeatedly abandoned by foster families, believes herself possessed by a doll named Evey that gives her telekinetic power. Keeping her awake in an isolated house, Prof. Coupland intends that she puts her evil energy into an actual doll, thereafter destroying it to heal Jane. Amidst strange things happening in the house, Brian feels sorry for Jane and, researching her tattoo, learns an evil secret about Jane’s past, and of Prof. Coupland’s motivation.

Selected Crew

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Production Designer
Director of Photography
Edited by
Hair and Make-up and Prosthetics Designer
Costume Designer
Music by
Casting by
Executive Producers

Produced by

Based on the Screenplay by
Screenplay by

Directed by

Matthew Gant
Matyas Erdely
Glenn Garland ASC
Paul Boyce
Camille Benda
Lucas Vidal
Sasha Robertson
Guy East, Nigel Sinclair, Marc Schipper, Julian Longnecker, Alex Bruner, Kevin Matusow, Kate Bacon, Carissa Buffel
Geno Tazioli, Bill Wohlken
James Gay-Rees, Simon Oakes, Tobin Armbrust, Steven Chester Prince, Ben Holden
Tom de Ville
Craig Rosenberg, Oren Moverman and John Pogue
John Pogue


Professor Joseph Coupland
Brian McNeil
Krissi Dalton
Harry Abrahms
Jane Haprer
David Q
David Q (older)
David Q’s Mother
Angry Neighbor
Student #1
Student #2
Student #3
Student #4
Doctor (voice)

Jared Harris
Sam Claflin
Erin Richards
Rory Fleck-Byrne
Olivia Cooke
Laurie Calvert
Aldo Marland
Max Pirkis
Tracy Ray
Richard Cunningham
Eileen Nichols
Rebecca Scott
Aretha Ayeh
Max Mackintosh
Harman Singh
Ben Holden


Lionsgate Films acquired the rights to distribute the film in the United Kingdom and United States. It released the film on 11 April 2014 in the UK and 25 April in the US. It was released on DVD on 19 August 2014.
The Budget for the film was estimated at $200,000. During opening weekend it grossed almost $4,000,000 and cumulative worldwide total was  $17,834,867 at 5th June 2014.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection