1954 The House Across the Lake

The House Across the Lake – 1954

Alternative title: Heat Wave

Robert L. Lippert Presents

Copyright MCMLIIII by Exclusive Films Ltd.

MPAA Approved Certificate

RCA Sound Syatem

Black & White 68 mins


Having won the hand of Sarah from his rival. Captain Benjamin Briggs sets out to recruit a crew for his voyage on the Mary Celeste. A mad seaman seeks revenge by killing the crew and passengers in a story of the mysterious events that led to a ship without a person on board. 


Screenplay by
Based on his novel
Music Composed and Conducted by 
Director of Photography
Art Director
Camera Operator
Assistant Director
Production Manager
Produced by
Directed by

Ken Hughes
“High Wray”
Ivor Slaney
Walter Harvey Bsc
J. Elder Wills
James Needs
Bill Slater
Leonard Harris
Jimmy Sangster
John (Pinky) Green
Renee Glynne
Nina Broe
Anthony Hinds
Ken Hughes


Mark Kendrick 
Carol Forrest 
Beverley Forrest 
Andrea Forrest 
Vincent Gordon 
Inspector MacLennan 
Harry Stevens 
Doctor Emery 
Mrs Hardcastle 
Mr Hardcastle 
Head Waiter 

Alex Nichol
Hilary Brooke
Sidney James
Susan Stephen
Paul Carpenter
Alan Wheatly
Peter Illing
Gordon McCleod
Joan Hickson
John Sharp
Hugh Dempster
Monti de Lyle


Joan Hickson went on to play Miss Marple in the BBC TV series in the 1980’s

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection