1953 Blood Orange

Blood Orange – 1953

Alternative title: Three Stops to Murder

A Hammer production released by Exclusive Films (UK) and Astor (USA) 
Copyright 1953 by Exclusive Films Ltd. 
All characters in this photoplay are fictitious and bear no resemblance to any real person, living or dead 
RCA Sound System 
Produced at Exclusive Studios, Bray
Production Facilities kindly granted by Worth (London) Ltd

Black & White 76 minutes


Private Detective Tom Conway is hired by jeweller Mercedes to investigate the theft of jewels from a London fashion house. But things take a sinister turn when two women, model Chelsea and the elderly Lady Marchant, are murdered, both while wearing a newly designed dress called “Blood Orange”. Conway suspects there must be a connection linking the crimes.


Art Director
Production Manager
Dialogue Director
Assistant Director
Sound Recording
Special Gowns Created by
Wardrobe Mistress
Fur Models by
Camera Operator
Director of Photography
Musical Director
Played by
Original Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by 

J. Elder Wills
Maurice Rootes
Mickey Delamar
Molly Terraine
Jimmy Sangster
Renee Glynne
Bill Salter and George Burgess
Philip Leakey
Nina Broe
Ben Pearson
Molly Arbuthnot
Len Harris
Jimmy Harvey
Ivor Slaney
The New Symphony Orchestra
Jan Read
Michael Carreras
Terence Fisher


Tom Conway 
Helen Pascall 
Captain Simpson 
Lady Marchant 
Detective Sergeant 

Tom Conway
Mila Parely
Naomi Chance
Eric Pohlmann
Andrew Osborn
Richard Wattis
Eileen Way
Margaret Halstan
Delphi Lawrence
Michael Ripper
Thomas Heathcote


For some reason, Tom Conway, who was the brother of fellow actor George Sanders, plays a character in this film called – Tom Conway! This was his only feature for Hammer, although he later narrated the featurette “Copenhagen” (1956) for them. In the 1940’s he acted in horror films for RKO producer Val Lewton, such as “Cat People” (1942), “I Walked with a Zombie” and “The Seventh Victim” (both 1943), as well as playing the detective character ‘The Falcon’, a part he inherited from his brother, in a series of second features also for RKO. In 1956, he appeared in the Grade-Z American International schlock horror movies, “Voodoo Woman” and “The She-Creature”.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection