1951 A Case for P.C.49

A Case for P.C. 49 – 1951

A Hammer production released by Exclusive Films (UK) and Lippert Films (USA)
Based on the popular B.B.C. feature
All characters in this photoplay are fictitious and bear no relation to any real person, living or dead

Black & White 81 minutes


Uniformed bobby P.C.49 dreams of becoming a plain clothes detective. A chance comes his way when, to the consternation of his girlfriend, Joan, he is assigned to protect glamorous model Della Dainton, who has been receiving threatening letters. A murder soon follows, but 49, overwhelmed by Della’s beauty, cannot believe that she could possibly be involved. Joan decides to solve the case herself…


Screenplay by
Production Manager
Hair Stylist
Assistant Director
Musical Director
Camera Operator
Director of Photography
Produced by
Directed by

Vernon Harris and Alan Stranks
Arthur Barnes
James Needs
Renee Glynne
Edgar Vetter
Phil Leakey
Anne Box
Jimmy Sangster
Michael Carreras
Frank Spencer
Peter Bryan
Walter Harvey
Anthony Hinds
Francis Searle


Archibald Berkley Willoughby PC49
Joan Carr
Della Dainton
Victor Palantine
Inspector Wilson
Sergeant Wright
George Steele
Mrs Bott
Desk Sergeant
Police Sergeant
Jimmy Pewter
Coffee Dan

Brian Reece
Joy Shelton
Christine Norden
Leslie Bradley
Gordon McLeod
Campbell Singer
Jack Stewart
Michael Balfour
Michael Ripper
Joan Seton
Edna Morris
John Sharpe
Frank Hawkins
John Barry
John Warren


It is round about this time that Hammer made their “permanent” home at Bray Studios. Although they had used the building next door, Oakley Court, in earlier productions, the first film made at the studios themselves was “Cloudburst” (1951).

Also at this time, Hammer concluded a deal for US distribution with Lippert Films. Now able to spend more money, the films from now on generally show a marked improvement in production values. This filmography will reflect this change by giving, where possible, details of the American Distributor.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection