1936 Sporting Love

Sporting Love 1936

A British Lion Picture. A Hammer Production
Produced at British Lion Studios, Beaconsfield
Distributed throughout the United Kingdom and Irish Free State by British Lion Film Corporation Ltd. &6-78 Wardour St., London, W1. S.W.Smith Managing Director

Black & White 67 minutes


Musical farce of two brothers in a continual trough of financial depression.. 


Production Supervisor 
Art Directors 
Assistant Director 
Film Editor 
Sound Engineers 
Adapted by 
From the play by 
Directed by 

H. Fraser Passmore
Fenn Sherie and Ingram D’Abbes Norman Arnold and J Elder Wills (as Bunty Wills)
Parry Davis
Eric Cross
Hugh Stewart
Harold King and York Scarlett
Fenn Sherie & Ingram
Stanley Lupino
J. Elder Wells


Percy Brace 
Peter Brace 
Maude Dane 
Nellie Gray 
Gerald Dane 
Lord Dimsdale 
Aunt Fanny 
Wilfred Wimple 

Stanley Lupino
Laddie Cliff
Eda Peel
Lu Ann Meredith
Bobbie Comber
Henry Carlisle
Clarissa Selwynne
Wyn Weaver
Merle Tottenham


Based on the musical “Sporting Life” which was writtted by Stanley Lupino. Merle Tottenham also appeared in Hammer’s “Room to Let” 1950.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection