Releases 1935 to 1949

Films Released between 1935 and 1949

Films are listed in order of UK release date (where known). Click on the title to view full details of each film, including production information, storyline, footnotes, plus cast & crew listings. Plus, where available, video clips or title screens from the actual films.


The Public Life of Henry the Ninth

Hammer’s First Film
Released January 1935

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste

UK Release Date
14th November 1935

Sporting Love

UK Release Date
24th May 1936

Song of Freedom

UK Release Date
17th August 1936

The Bank Messenger Mystery

Uk Release Date
December 1936

Death in High Heels

Uk Release Date
18th July 1947

River Patrol

Uk Release Date

Dick Barton, Special Agent

UK Release Date
10th May 1948

The Dark Road

UK Release Date
28th July 1948

Who Killed Van Loon

UK Release Date
30th June 1948

The Adventures of PC 49

UK Release Date

Jack of Diamonds

UK Release Date
7th February 1949

Dick Barton Strikes Back

UK Release Date
April 1949

Dr. Morelle: The Case of the Missing Heiress

UK Release Date
27th June 1949


UK Release Date
27th August 1949

Meet Simon Cherry

UK Release Date
November 1949