1961 A Weekend with Lulu

A Weekend with Lulu – 1961

A Hammer Film Production presented by Columbia Pictures Corporation

Copyright MCMLIV by Exclusive  Films Ltd.

MPAA Approved

All characters and incidents portrayed, and the names used herewith are ficticious and the similarity to any names, characters or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional

Westrex Sound System

Made at Shepperton Studios, England

Black & White 86 mins


Fred, Tim and Deirdre plan a fun weekend break on the coast. What they didn’t make allowances for was the company of Deirdre’s mother who insists on coming along as her daughter’s chaperone.
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Director of Photography
Theme Music Composed by
Additional Music and Orchestrations by
Production Designer
Supervising Editor
Production Manager
Exterior Photography
Location Manager
Camera Operator
Sound Recordist
Sound Editor
Assistant Director
Make Up Artist
Hair Stylist
Screenplay by
Story by
Produced by
Executive Producer
Directed by

Ken Hodges
Trevor H. Stanford

Tony Osborne
John Howell
James Needs
Jacques de Lane Lee
Tony Simpson
Jack Millls
Colin Brewer
Brian West
Bill Slater
Allan Morrison
Chris Sutton
Splinters Deason
Dick Bonner-Moris
Bill Griffiths
Ted Lloyd
Ted Lloyd and Val Valentine
Ted Lloyd
Michael Carreras
John Paddy Carstairs


Fred Scrutton
Timothy Geay
Comte de Grenoble
Deidrie Proudfoot
Florence Bell
Cafe Patron
British Tourist
Inspector Larue
Mme, Bon-Bon
Bar Patron
Lodge Keeper
Count’s Chauffeur
Count’s Butler
French Girl
Card Seller
French Pianist 

Bob Monkhouse
Leslie Phillips
Alfred Marks
Shirley Eaton
Irene Handl
Sid James
Kenneth Connor
Sydney Tafler
Eugene Decklers
Graham Stark
Judith Furse 
Denis Shaw
Andreas Malandrinos
Ernest Walder
Keith Pyott
Heidi Erich
Marie Devereux
Harold Berens
Russ Conway


This was Bob Monkhouse’s only film for Hammer. He bacame a household name as host of London Weekend TV’s “Golden Shot” in 1967, followed by shows such as “Celebrity Squares” & “Family Fortunes” Leslie Phillips,  a much-loved comic actor who has specialized in playing plummy, quintessentially English stereotypes. A star of many films, he also provided the voice for The Sorting Hat in the “Harry Potter” films. Shirley Eaton famously played the girl painted gold in the James Bond film “Goldfinger” (1964). This was Sid James’ last film for Hammer, he starred in “Quatermass 2” (1957), “The Glass Cage” (1955), “The House Across the Lake” (1954), “The Flanagan Boy” (1953) and “The Lady Craved Excitement” (1950)

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection