1974 The Satanic Rites of Dracula

The Satanic Rites of Dracula – 1974

Alternative title: – Count Dracula and his Vampire Bride

A Hammer production released by Wamer Brothers (UK) and Dynamite (USA in 1978)

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MPAA Approved Certificate No 23487

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional
RCA Sound Recording

Made at EMI/MGM Elstree Studios, Boreham Wood, Hertfordshire, England 

Technicolor 88 mins


An undercover investigation is taking place on the mysterious Psychical Examination and Research Group, where four eminent men are involved in Satanic rituals. The agent is discovered and killed, but not before he manages to deliver his report to his superiors, which includes five photographs, one each of the four men and a fifth which appears to be blank. As an expert in the occult, Professor Van Helsing is called in to help the enquiry. He suspects that the fifth picture should have been that of Dracula, who cannot be photographed. His search for his arch enemy leads him to reclusive businessman D.D. Denham, who is in fact Dracula. Now, Van Helsing discovers, the evil Count is planning to spread a lethal plague and destroy all life on earth, at the same time taking his personal revenge on Van Helsing by turning his granddaughter, Jessica, into a vampire and making her his bride for all eternity!

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Art Director
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Sound Recordist
Sound Editor
Wardrobe Supervisor
Assistant Art Director
Construction Manager
Dubbing Mixer
Casting Director
Special Effects
Camera Operator
Director of Photography
Music Composed by
Musical Supervisor
Associate Producer
Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by 

Lionel Couch
Chris Barnes
Ron Jackson
Derek Whitehurst
Claude Hitchcock
Terry Poulton
Elizabeth Wilcox
George Blackler
Maud Onslow
Rebecca Breed
Don Picton
Ken Softley
Dennis Whitlock
James Liggat
Les Bowie
Chic Anstiss
Brian Probyn, BSc
John Cacavas
Philip Martell
Don Houghton
Don Houghton
Roy Skeggs
Alan Gibson


Count Dracula
Professor Van Helsing
Professor Keeley
Chin Yang
Lord Carradine
Vampire Girls

Guard 1
Guard 2
Guard 3
Guard 4

Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Michael Coles
William Franklyn
Freddie Jones
Joanna Lumley
Richard Vernon
Barbara Lu Yin 
Patrick Barr
Richard Matthews
Lockwood West
Valerie Van Ost
Maurice O’Connoll
Peter Adair
Maggie Fitzgerald, Pauline Peart, Finnuala O’Shannon, Mia Martin
John Harvey
Marc Zuber
Paul Weston
Ian Dewar
Graham Rees


Well, it had to happen eventually. After years of growing disillusionment, Christopher Lee’s patience finally ran out and after this film he vowed never to play Dracula again, unless it was as a faithful interpretation of Bram Stoker’s original character. It was 1978 before the film was finally released in the US by an almost unknown distributor, Dynamite. Joanna Lumley had played a Bond girl opposite George Lazenby in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” (1969). She later became Purdy in ABC TV’s “The New Avengers”. More recently, she has become even more successful in television and films, with roles in productions such as “James and the Giant Peach” (1996) and the smash hit BBC TV comedy series “Absolutely Fabulous”. This was director Alan Gibson’s last film for Hammer. He died in 1987.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection