1974 The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires

The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires – 1974

A Hammer/Shaw production presented by Michael Carreras and Run Run Shaw and distributed by Warner Brothers copyright MCMLXXlV Hammer Film Productions Limited/Shaw Productions (HK) Limited – All rights reserved 

MPAA Approved Certificate
The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional

Made entirely on location in Hong Kong 

Colour 89 mins Panavision


The film opens with a prologue set in Transylvania in 1804, in which a Chinese vampire, Kah, resurrects Count Dracula and begs him to help restore the power of his undead cult in his region of China. Dracula responds by taking over the body of Kah and, in his new form, he sets off to take control himself. The action then moves forward to 1904 and to Chung King, where Dracula now holds the inhabitants of a remote village in a grip of terror.
 Van Helsing, lecturing in China, hears of the presence of his old enemy and, with the help of a wealthy widow and a family of martial arts experts, decides to confront him again…..

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Art Director
Assistant Editor
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Sound Recordist
Boom Operator
Sound Maintenance
Props Master
Unit Manager
Floor Manager
Sound Editor
Special Effects
Martial Arts Sequences staged by
Focus Puller
Camera Operator
Directors of Photography
Musical Supervisor
Production Secretary
Assistant to Producers
Screenplay by
Produced by
Directed by 

Johnson Tsau
Chris Barnes
Larry Richardson
Chua Lam
Erh Feng
Les Hammond
Tommy Staples
Dan Grimmel
Li Wu
Shen Chung
Peng Cheng
Frank Golding
Renee Glynne
Wu Hsu Ching
Peng Yen-Lien
Liu Chi-Yu
Les Bowie
Tang Chia and Liu Chia-Liang
Keith Jones
Roy Ford
John Wilcox, BSc and Roy Ford
James Bernard (misspelt ‘Benard’)
Philip Martell
Jean Walter
Christopher Carreras
Dan Houghton
Don Houghton and Vee King Shaw
Roy Ward Baker


Professor Lawrence Van Helsing
Hsi Ching
Vanessa Buren
Leyland Van Helsing
Mai Kwei
British Consul
Hsi Ta
Hsi Kwei
Hsi Sung
Hsi San
Leung Hon

Peter Cushing
David Chiang
Julie Ege
Robin Stewart
Szhih Szu
John Forbes-Robertson
Robert Hanna
Chan Shen
James Ma
Liu Chia Yung
Feng Ko Anh
Chen Tien Loong
Wong Han Chan


With the popularity in the West of the Bruce Lee films and the television series “Kung Fu”, starring David Carradine, a tie-in with Hong Kong’s most successful film maker Run Run Shaw must have seemed a perfect combination to Michael Carreras. Unfortunately, however, it proved otherwise and cinemagoers, now being weaned on the more sophisticated delights of films like “The Exorcist”, stayed away in droves! There was no way that Hammer would be able to persuade Christopher Lee to don the black cape in this one, so the role of Dracula passed to John Forbes- Robertson, who had played the mysterious Man in Black in “The Vampire Lovers” (1970).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection