1971 Twins of Evil

Twins of Evil – 1971

Alternative title: Twins of Dracula

A Hammer production presented by The Rank Organisation alld released through Rank film Distributors limited Copyright MCMLXXI Hammer Film Productions Limited – All rights reserved 

MPAA Approved Certificate 

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the flame, character, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional 

Made at Pinewood Studios, london, England 

Colour by Rank Film Processing 87 mins 


In the area surrounding Karnstein Castle, the forces of good are represented by the grim, puritanical Gustav Weil and his witch-hunting group of religious fanatics called the Brotherhood. On the side of evil is Count Karnstein, an evil, depraved man in league with the Devil. As Weil’s twin nieces, Frieda and Maria, come to stay with him after the death of their parents, the Count is staging a Satanic ritual, during which he resurrects the long-dead vampire Mircalla Karnstein. She initiates him into vampirism, setting off a spate of bloody killings. Then, one night, Frieda, the more adventurous of the twins, can no longer resist the temptation to go to the castle to see if all the debauched things she has heard about the place are true…..

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Art Director
Production Manager
Assistant Director
Sound Recordist
Sound Editor
Construction Manager
Dubbing Mixer
Dialogue Coach
Second Unit and Special Effects Photography
Camera Operator
Director of Photography
Music Composed by
Musical Supervisor
Screenplay by
Based on characters created by
Produced by
Directed by 

Roy Stannard
Spencer Reeve
Tom Sachs
Patrick Clayton
Ron Barron
Bill Trent
Gladys Goldsmith
George Blackler and John Webber
Pearl Tipaldi
Rosemary Burrows
Arthur Banks
Ken Barker
Ruth Lodge
Jack Mills, BSc
Dudley Lovell
Dick Bush, BSc
Harry Robinson
Philip Martell
Tudor Gates
J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Harry Fine and Michael Style
John Hough


Gustav Weil
Frieda Gellhorn
Maria Gellhorn
Katy Weil
Ingrid Hoffer
Count Karnstein
Anton Hoffer
Countess Mircalla
Woodman’s Daughter
Lady in Coach
Young Girl at Stake

Peter Cushing
Madelaine Collinson
Mary Collinson
Kathleen Byron
Dennis Price
Harvey Hall
Isobel Black
Damien Thomas
David Warbeck
Alex Scott
Katya Wyeth
Roy Stewart
Judy Matheson
Luan Peters
Inigo Jackson
Sheelah Wilcox 
Maggie Wright
Kirsten Lindholm
Peter Thompson


Hammer was originally going to make a film called “Vampire Virgins”. However producer Harry Fine saw a Playboy Magazine spread involving the Collinson twins and decided to make a film focusing on them.
This film was made a mere two months after the death of Peter Cushing’s beloved wife, Helen, and it is surely no coincidence that he gives probably the grimmest performance of his career as the fanatical, but tortured, witch-hunter Weil. In the horror genre, John Hough went on to direct “The Legend of Hell House” (1973). He was also the man at the helm of Peter Cushing’s last feature film “Biggles” (1986).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy – The Hammer Graveyard Collection