1948 Dick Barton, Special Agent

Dick Barton, Special Agent - 1948

Alternative title: Dick Barton, Detective

A Marylebone-Hammer production released by Exclusive Films.
Alternative Title:- Dick Barton, Detective
An adaptation from the original broadcast subject by arrangement with the BBC. Yachting scenes taken at Birdham Pool, Chichester Harbour.
Story and Dialogue Alan Stranks in collaboration with Alfred Goulding.

Black & White 70 Minutes


Suave, debonair mega hero Dick Barton arrives in the tranquil little Cornish fishing village of Echo Bay, accompanied by his faithful sidekicks Snowey White and Jock Anderson. Barton's presence soon disrupts the activities of the local smugglers, prompting their leader, the sinister Dr Caspar, to order several bungled attempts on his life. For Caspar is in reality a foreign agent with much more than mere smuggling on his mind - he has a dastardly plan to destroy the very fabric of Britain by polluting the nation's entire water supply with a deadly poison. The country's only hope of survival lays with - Dick Barton, Special Agent! Click here to watch the full film on YouTube


Casting Director Edgar Blatt
Casting Manager Mary Harris
Art Director James Marchant
Editor Etta Simpson
Continuity Doreen Saunders
Music Directed by John Bath
Assistant Director Eric Veendam
Sound Charles Hasher
Director of Photography Stanley Clinton, MBKS
Produced by Henry Halsted
Directed by Alfred Goulding


Dick Barton Don Stannard
Jean Hunter Gillian Maude
Snowey White George Ford
Jock Anderson 
Jack Shaw
Dr Caspar Geoffrey Wincott
Miss Horrock Beatrice Kane
Sir George Campbell Singer


Nine years earlier, Alfred Goulding had directed Peter Cushing in the 1939 Laurel and Hardy comedy "A Chump at Oxford".

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection