1936 Song of Freedom

Song of Freedom - 1936

A Hammer production distributed throughout the United Kingdom and Irish Free State by British Lion Film Corp. Ltd., 76-78 Wardour Street, London W1 - S.W. Smith, Managing Director
Produced at British Lion Studios, Beaconsfield
Recorded on High Fidelity RCA Photophone

Black & White 80 Minutes


The film is a musical star vehicle for Paul Robeson. It opens with the on-screen information "Africa - the island of Casanga, off the West Coast - in the year 1700 A.D. The island had not yet attracted the attention of the slave traders on the mainland, but its people suffered as fierce an oppression under their hereditary queen Zinga - tyrant, despot, mistress of cruelty"
 After a short prologue, in which the wicked queen's son and his wife make their escape from the island and are taken into slavery, the action transfers to modern day London. There, John Zinga (Paul Robeson) works as a docker. A gentle giant with a magnificent singing voice, his talent comes to the notice of operatic impresario Donezetti (Esme Percy).
 Soon, John becomes a world-famous singer, but, tortured by thoughts of his roots, he eventually gives up his new career and determines to use his fortune on finding his real home and helping his own people.
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Music Eric Ansell
Lyrics Henrik Ege
Photography 1 Eric Cross
Photography 2 Harry Rose
Photography 3 Thos Glover
Art Director Norman Arnold
Assistant Director Arthur Allcott
Sound Engineer Harold King
Edited by Arthur Tavares
Production Supervisor H Fraser Passomre
Director J Elder Wills


John Zinga Paul Robeson
Ruth Zinga Elizabeth Welch
Donezetti Esme Percy
Monty Robert Adams
Blane Ronald Simpson
Bert Puddick George Mozart
Nell Joan Fred Emney
Trader Ambrose Manning
Queen Zinga Miss C.(Cornelia) Smith
Alf Alf Goddard
Witch Doctor Arthur Williams
Potman Will Hammer 
Gatekeeper Sydney Benson
with James Soloman
Ecce Homo Toto
Jenny Dean
Bernard Ansell
Johnnie Schofield
The Hon. Arthur Eliot


Will Hammer (Anthony Hinds' father) and George Mozart, who both appear in this film, were among the original founders of Hammer Films. Production supervisor H. Fraser Passmore was also on the board at this time. The Director, J. Elder Willis, worked on later Hammer films as Art Director.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection