1950 Someone at the Door

Someone at the Door - 1950

A Hammer Film production released by Exclusive Films 
United Programmes Sound 
From the play by Major Campbell Christie and Miss Dorothy Campbell Christie

Black & White 65 minutes


A knockabout crime comedy, in which, in order to enhance his reputation, a struggling journalist cooks up a hare-brained scheme to make it look as though he has murdered his sister - for just long enough to get a big story out of it. Unfortunately, however, things start to go badly wrong when a gang of real crooks appear on the scene! Watch the Title sequence on YouTube


Screenplay by A.R. Rawlinson
Production Manager Arthur Barnes
Assistant Director James Sangster
Continuity Renee Glynne
Art Director Denis Wreford
Recordist Edgar Vetter
Make-up Phil Leakey
Hair Stylist Monica Hustler
Casting Prudence Sykes
Editor John Ferris
Musical Director Frank Spencer
Camera Operator Peter Bryan
Director of Photography Walter Harvey
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Directed by Francis Searle


Sally Yvonne Owen
Ronnie Michael Medwin
Bill Hugh Latimer
Price Danny Green
Kapel Garry Marsh
Inspector Spedding Campbell Singer
Police Constable O'Brien John Kelly


This is the second filmed version of the stage play, the first being British International Pictures 1936 production starring Billy Milton and directed by Herbert Brenon.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection