1950 The Rossiter Case

The Rossiter Case - 1950

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A Hammer Production

Black & White 72 mins


A husband cheats on his disabled wife, who has been paralysed in a car accident, with her sister. When the sister is murdered he is accused of the crime, but it turns out that he may not be the killer after all.

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Production Manager Arthur Barnes
Assistant Director Jimmy Sangster
Editor John Ferris
Continuity Renee Glynne
Recordist Edgar Vetter
Make-up Phil Leakey
Hair Stylist Monica Hustler
Casting Prudence Sykes
Director of Photography Walter Harvey
Camera Operator Peter Bryan
Musical Director Frank Spencer
Screenplay by Kenneth Hyde, John Hunter and Francis Searle
From the play “The Rossiters” by Kenneth Hyde
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Directed by Francis Searle


Liz Helen Shingle
Peter Clement McCallin 
Honor Sheila Burrell 
Sir James Ferguson Frederick Leicester 
Dr Bendix Henry Edwards 
Marty Ann Codrington 
Nurse West Dorothy Batley 
Alice Gabrielle Blunt 
Agnes Eleanore Bryan
Inspector Ewen Solon 
Constable Dennis Castle 
Hobson Frederic Steger
Joe Stanley Baker 
Arthur Anthony Allen 


Ewen Solon played Stapleton in Hammer’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (1959), he also appeared (uncredited) as a camel vendor in “The Strangler’s of Bombay” (1959).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection