1971 Vampire Circus

Vampire Circus - 1971

A Hammer production presented by The Rank Organisation and released through Rank Film Distributors limited Copyright MCMLXXl Hammer Film Productions Limited - All rights reserved 

MPAA Approved Certificate 

The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any similarity to the name, character, or history of any person is entirely accidental and unintentional 

Westrex Recording System 

Made at Pinewood Studios, london, England 

Colour by Rank Film Processing 87 mins 


The folk of the town of Schtettel storm the local castle to destroy the vampire Count Mitterhaus, but as he expires he curses the town, foretelling that it and its children will die to give him back his life. Shortly afterwards, a plague-like illness descends on Schtettel claiming many lives and giving rise to thoughts that the curse is beginning to come true. Then, into this grim situation comes the Circus of Nights, a travelling troupe of performers and animals. At first the townspeople welcome them, pleased to have a diversion from their woes, but it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary circus, but one with strange and terrifying powers, summoned to the town to help fulfil the dead Count's prophecy.

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Production Supervisor Roy Skeggs
Art Director Scott MacGregor
Editor Peter Musgrave
Production Manager Tom Sachs
Assistant Director Derek Whitehurst
Sound Recordist Claude Hitchcock
Sound Editor Roy Hyde
Continuity June Randall
Make-up Jill Carpenter
Hairdressing Ann McFadyen
Wardrobe Supervisor Brian Owen-Smith
Construction Manager Arthur Banks
Assistant Art Director Don Picton
Casting Director James Liggat
Animal Adviser Mary Chipperfield
Dubbing Mixer Ken Barker
Special Effects Les Bowie
Camera Operator Walter Byatt
Director of Photography Moray Grant, BSc
Music Composed by David Whitaker
Musical Supervisor Philip Martell
Screenplay by Judson Kinberg
Produced by Wilbur Stark
Directed by Robert Young


Gypsy Woman Adrienne Corri
Burgermeister Thorley Walters
Anton John Moulder-Brown
Mueller Laurence Payne
Dora Mueller
Lynne Frederick
Gerta Hauser Elizabeth Seal
Emil Anthony Corland
Dr Kersh Richard Owens
Anna Mueller Domini Blythe
Hauser Robin Hunter
Count Mitterhaus Robert Tayman
Elvira Mary Wimbush
Helga Lalla Ward
Michael Skip Martin
Schilt John Brown
Rosa Christina Paul
Heinrich Robin Sachs
Gustav Barnaby Shaw
Jon Roderick Shaw
Strongman Dave Prowse
The Webers (introducing) Milovan and Serena
and with Bradforts-Aamros (by courtesy of Billy Smarts Circus)


Actress Lynne Frederick later married comedy actor Peter Sellers.
 Lalla Ward married actor Tom Baker after first appearing with him as a fellow Time Lord in BBC TV's "Doctor Who".
 Producer Wilbur Stark was the father of actress/model Koo Stark, who created headlines by having an affair with Prince Andrew. 
Laurence Payne's part was originally meant to be played by Anton Rogers, but he had to pull out at the last moment owing to illness.
This film has the longest prologue of any Hammer film, which, at twelve minutes, is almost as long as one of the Company's earlier featurettes!

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection