1950 to 1959

Hammer Releases Between 1950 and 1959

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1950 -  Room to Let

            The Man in Black

            The Rossiter Case

            Someone at the Door

            What the Butler Saw

            Dick Barton at Bay

            The Lady Craved Excitement

1951 -  Black Widow


            A Case for PC 49

            The Dark Light

            To Have and to Hold

1952 -  Whispering Smith Hits London

            Death of an Angel

            Lady in the Fog


            Never Look Back


            Stolen Face

            The Gambler and the Lady

            The Last Page

            Wings of Danger

1953 -  The Saint's Return

            Blood Orange

            36 Hours

            Face the Music

            Life with the Lyons

            Murder by Proxy

            The Flanagan Boy

1954 -  The House Across the Lake

            The Unholy Four

            Break in the Circle

            Five Days

            Mask of Dust

            The Men of Sherwood Forest

            The Glass Cage

            The Lyons in Paris

            Third Party Risk

1955 -  A Man on the Beach 

            The Quatermass Xperiment

            The Right Person

1956 -  Copenhagen

            Dick Turpin, Highwayman

            Women Without Men

            X the Unknown

1957 -  Danger List

            Quatermass 2

            The Abominable Snowman

            The Camp on Blood Island

            The Curse of Frankenstein

            The Steel Bayonet

1958 -  Up the Creek

            I Only Arsked

            Clean Sweep


            Further up the Creek

            Revenge of Frankenstein

            The Hound of the Baskervilles

            The Snorkel

1959 -  Don't Panic Chaps

            Hell is a City

            Ten Seconds to Hell

            The Man Who Could Cheat Death

            The Mummy

            The Stranglers of Bombay

            Yesterday's Enemy