1950 to 1959

Hammer Releases Between 1950 and 1959

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1950 -  Someone at the Door

            What the Butler Saw

            Dick Barton at Bay

            The Lady Craved Excitement

1951 -  A Case for PC 49

            The Dark Light

            To Have and to Hold

1952 -  Death of an Angel

            Lady in the Fog


            Never Look Back


            Stolen Face

            The Gambler and the Lady

            The Last Page

            Wings of Danger

1953 -  Blood Orange

            36 Hours

            Face the Music

            Life with the Lyons

            Murder by Proxy

            The Flanagan Boy

1954 -  The Unholy Four

            Break in the Circle

            Five Days

            Mask of Dust

            The Men of Sherwood Forest

            The Glass Cage

            The Lyons in Paris

            Third Party Risk

1955 -  A Man on the Beach 

            The Quatermass Xperiment

            The Right Person

1956 -  Copenhagen

            Dick Turpin, Highwayman

            Women Without Men

            X the Unknown

1957 -  Danger List

            Quatermass 2

            The Abominable Snowman

            The Camp on Blood Island

            The Curse of Frankenstein

            The Steel Bayonet

1958 -  Clean Sweep


            Further up the Creek

            Revenge of Frankenstein

            The Hound of the Baskervilles

            The Snorkel

1959 -  Hell is a City

            Ten Seconds to Hell

            The Man Who Could Cheat Death

            The Mummy

            The Stranglers of Bombay

            Yesterday's Enemy