1935 Mystery of the Marie Celeste

The Mystery of the Marie Celeste - 1935

Alternative title: The Phantom Ship 

Guaranteed Pictures with the famous "Q" ship "Mary B Mitchell" as Mary Celeste 

Black & White 60 minutes


Having won the hand of Sarah from his rival. Captain Benjamin Briggs sets out to recruit a crew for his voyage on the Mary Celeste. A mad seaman seeks revenge by killing the crew and passengers in a story of the mysterious events that led to a ship without a person on board. 


Scenario Charles Larkworhy
Story Denison Clift
Photography 1 Geoffrey Faithfull
Photography 2 Eric Cross
Art Direction J Elder Wills
Musical Direction  Eric Ansell
Continuity Billy Day
Supervised by H Fraser Passmore
Directed by Denison Clift


Anton Lorenson Bella Lugosi
Captain Benjamin Briggs Arthur Matgeston
Sarah Briggs Shirley Grey
Captain Morehead Clifford McLagan
Olly Deveau Bruce Gordon

Andy Gilling Gibson Gowland
Charlie Kaye Terrance Demarney
Adrian Harbens J. Edward Pearce

Volkerk Grot Herbert Cameron
Horatio Sprague Wilfred Essex
James Winchester James Carew
Portunaro Monty Doyle

Commander Mahon Alec Fraser
Bison Edmund Willard
Tom Goodschard Dennis Hoey

Tommy Duggan George Mozart
Peter Tooley Johnnie Schofield
Ponta Katz Guner Moir
Sailor Hoffman Ben Welden


The Mystery of the Mary Celeste was filmed in Falmouth, and was Bella Lugosi's only film for Hammer.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection