1958 Further Up the Creek

Further Up the Creek - 1958

A Byron-Hammer film production released by Columbia Pictures

Copyright MCMLVIII by Byron Film Productions Ltd. - All rights reserved

MPAA Approved Certilicate No. 19146 

All characters and events depicted in this film are fictitious and any similatity to persons living or dead is coincidental

RCA Sound Recording 

Produced at Bray Studios 

Black & White 91 mins


Naval comedy. When an old Navy warship is sold to the North African country of Algerrocco, the crew see a way of making some crafty money on the side by selling tickets for the 'cruise' out there. But then Lieutenant Fairweather is placed in command - and he is not in on the secret! Watch the full film on YouTube


 Production Supervisor Fred A. Swann
Art Director George Provis
Editor Bill Lenny
Technical Advisor Commander Peter Peake, RN
Production Manager Patrick Marsden
Assistant Director John Peverall
Sound Recordist Jock May
Sound Editing David Elliott
Continuity Doreen Dearnaley
Make-up Phil Leakey
Hairdresser Marjorie Whittle
Wardrobe Molly Arbuthnot
Camera Operator Len Harris
Photographed by Gerald Gibbs
Music by Stanley Black
Written by Val Guest, John Warren and Len Heath
Produced by Henry Halsted
Directed by Val Guest


Fairweather David Tonlinson
Bosun Dibble Frankie Howard
Jane Shirley Eaton
Mrs Galloway Thora Hird
Barker Lionel Jeffries
Perkins Lionel Murton
Sam Kydd
Cooky John Warren
President Eric Polhmann
Scouse David Lodge
Bennett Edwin Richfield
Bunts Howard Williams
Chippy Peter Collingwood
Webster Harry Landis
Lofty Ian Whittaker
Monsieur Phillipe Tom Gill
Eadie Lovelace Amy Dalby
Maudie Lovelace Esma Cannon
Vicky Mary Wilson
Cleo Katherine Byrne
Kentonie Brothers Jack le White, Max Day
Lt. Commander Blakeney MIchael Goodlife
Flagship Commander Basil Dingham
Consul Walter Hudd
Chief Wren Judith Furse
El Diablo Charles Lloyd-Pack
Whacker Payne Ballard Berkeley
Algerroccan Major Wolfe Morris
Despatch Rider John Singer
Ticket Collector Michael Ripper
Porter Stanley Unwin
Postman Larry Noble
Sea Scout John Hall
Admiral John Stuart



This film is the sequel to "Up the Creek" (also 1958), which, although filmed in Hammerscope and released by Exclusive, was purely a Byron Film production and not a co-production with Hammer, as is the case here.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection