1957 The Steel Bayonet

The Steel Bayonet 1957

A Hammer production released by United Artists
MPAA Approved Certificate No. 18413

Western Electric Recording

Black & White 85 minutes

A Hammerscope Production


The film opens with the title "Tunisia 1943" and the following narration

"In the early spring of 1943, a battalion of infantry were pulled out of the hills around Tunis. For thirteen weeks they had endured the hard, bitter fighting, the rain and the mud. The rear guard of this battalion was 'C' Company. They had provided the spearhead of the battle and had been in constant engagement with the enemy. Now, they were due for a rest. The battalion was going to re-form and refit." Their rest is short-lived, however, as they receive orders to protect a vital post from the Germans..... Watch the trailer on Dailymotion


Editor Bill Lenny
Art Director Ted Marshall
Assistant Director Don Weeks
Recordists Cliff Sandall and Maurice Askew
Production Manager John Workman
Dialogue Director Howard Clewes
Continuity Renee Glynne
Make-up Phil Leakey
Wardrobe Molly Arbuthnot
Sound Editor Alfred Cox
Stunt Supervisor Jock Easton
Special Effects Frank George and Sid Pearson
Camera Operator Len Harris
Director of Photography Jack Asher, BSC
Music Composed by Leonard Salzedo
Musical Director John Hollingsworth
Story and Screenplay by Howard Clewes
Associate Producer Anthony Nelson Keys
Produced and Directed by Michael Carreras



The General Raymond Francis
Lt. Col. Derry John Paul
Capt. Mead, R.A. Kieron Moore
Cpl. Ames, R.A. Paddy Joyce

Gerard Leo Glenn
Lt. Vernon Michael Medwin
C.S.M. Gill Robert Brown
Pte. Middleditch Michael Ripper
Pte. Livingstone Bernard Horsfall
1st Stretcher Bearer Michael Collins
2nd Stretcher Bearer David Brown
Mahomet David Rich

Sgt. Nicholls Tom Bowman
Cpl. Bean John H Watson
Pte. Jarvis Arthur Lovegrove
Pte. Tweddle Michael Dear
Pte. Wilson Ian Whittaker
Pte. Thomas Michael Balfour

Sgt. Gates
Shay Gorman
Pte. Wentworth Jack Stewart
Pte. Clark Percy Herbert
Pte. Ferguson Barry Lowe
Pte. Harris Dave Crpwley

Divisional Commander
Wolf Frees
Company Commander Garard Green
Artillery Officer William Abney
Artillery N.C.O. Guy Deghy
Sniper Jeremy Longhurst



Unusually for a film made so soon after the end of the war, this film was mildly controversial for showing the Germans as human beings and is believed to be the first such film to allow the German characters to speak in their own language, with subtitles in English.

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection