1957 Quatermass 2

Quatermass 2 - 1957

Alternative title: Enemy from Space

A Hammer production released by United Artists

MPAA Approved Certificate No. 18126

Opning credit;- "The Producers acknowledge the assistance received from the Hemel Hempsted New Town Development Corporation during the Shooting of this film" 

Closing credit;-"The Producers Wish to acknowledge with thanks, the facilitie, extended to them by "Shell" Refining arId Marketing Company for the shooting of many scenes, at Shell Haven Refinery, Essex" 

RcA Sound Recording 

Produced at New EIstree Studios

Black & White 85 min


Professor Quatermass is working on a moonbase project from which the government suddenly and inexplicably withdraws funding. At the same time, instruments at his laboratory pick up a strange shower of meteor-like objects in the area of a village called Winterton Flats. Quatermass and one of his colleagues, Marsh, set out for the village and to their shock find a gigantic complex of buildings, which bears an uncanny resemblance to his moonbase plans. Then Marsh finds a meteorite still intact and picks it up. As he examines it, it explodes in his face, leaving a black wound on his cheek. Before the Professor can help him, armed guards, all bearing similar marks, arrive and take Marsh to the complex, a place shrouded in secrecy which the locals are unwilling to discuss. As he investigates further, Quatermass uncovers a terrifying scheme by Martian beings for an imminent invasion of earth.... Watch the trailer on YouTube


Production Supervisor Anthony Nelson Keys
Art Director Bernard Robinson
Editor James Needs
Sound Cliff Sandell
Production Manager
John Workman
Assistant Director Don Weeks
Sound Editor Alfred Cox
Special Effects Bill Warrington, Henry Harris and Frank George
Make-up Phil Leakey
Wardrobe Rene Coke
Continuity June Randall
Camera Operator Len Harris
Director of Photography Gerald Gibbs
Music James Bernard
Conducted by John Hollingsworth
Screenplay by Nigel Kneale and Val Guest
Story by Nigel Kneale
Executive Producer Michael Carreras
Produced by Anthony Hinds
Directed by Val Guest



Professor Quatermass Brian Donlevey
Lomax John Longdon
Jimmy Hall Sidney James
Marsh Bryan Forbes
Brand William Franklyn
Sheila Vera Day
Dawson Charles Lloyd-Pack
Broadhead Tom Chatto
The P.R.O. John Van Eyssen
Gorman Percy Herbert
Ernie Michael Ripper
McLeod John Rae
Secretary Marianne Stone
Young Man Ronald Wilson
Mrs McLeod Jane Aird
Kelly Betty Impey
Inspector Lloyd Lamble
Commissioner John Stuart
Banker Gilbert Davis
Woman M.P. Joyce Adams
Peterson Edwin Richfield
Michaels Howard Williams
Lab. Assistants Philip Baird, Robert Raikes
Intern John Fabian
Super George Merritt
Constable Arthur Blake
Harry Michael Balfour


Versatile actor Bryan Forbes also turned his hand to screenwriting, production and direction. His credits as director include "Whistle down the Wind" (1961), "The L-Shaped Room" (1962), "Seance on a Wet Afternoon" (1964) and "The Wrong Box" (1966). He is married to actress Nanette Newman, who appears in Hammer's "Man at the Top" (1974). 
Charles Lloyd Pack is a fairly regular face in Hammer's repertory company of actors. Other appearances by him for them include "Dracula" (1958), "The Revenge of Frankenstein" (1958), "The Man Who Could Cheat Death" (1959), "The Reptile" (1966) and "Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell" (1973).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection