1955 The Right Person

The Right Person - 1955

A Hammer Film production released by Exclusive Films UK
RCA Sound Recording 
Produced at Bray Studios

Eastman Colour by Humphries Laboratories
30 Minute Featurette

A CinemaScope Picture



In Copenhagen, Martha Jorgensen receives a visit from a Mr Rasmusson, who is looking for her husband. In fact, if he is the 'right person', he has been looking for him for years, as the Jorgen Jorgensen he is seeking was a traitor to the Danish resistance during World War II and Rasmusson has vowed to kill him.....


Associate Producer Mickey Delamar
Sound Recording Bill Sweeney and J.J.Y. Scarlett
Editor Spencer Reeve
Director of Photography Walter Harvey, BSc
Music by Eric Winstone
An original story by Philip Mackie
Produced by Michael Carreras
by Peter Cotes


Martha Jorgensen Margo Lorenz
Mr Rasmusson Douglas Wilmer
Jorgen Jorgensen David Markham


Hammer produced several shorts which fell mainly into the drama, travelogue or musical categories. This one is of the dramatic variety and features Douglas Wilmer, who later played Christopher Lee's arch-enemy Nayland Smith in "The Brides of Fu Manchu" (1966) and "The Vengeance of Fu Manchu" (1967).

Details were complied viewing the actual film. 
Source of viewing copy - The Hammer Graveyard Collection