The Hammer Graveyard

Welcome to the Hammer Graveyard. It is a cold, dark, stormy night and you are lost, stumbling through the crumbling forest of ancient tombstones. The wind howls relentlessly, bending the boughs of the trees, their leafless branches dancing like grasping, skeletal fingers against the light of the full moon shining through the black clouds which sweep across it. 

You begin to imagine that you hear the creaking wood of rotten coffins, the moans and gasps of restless corpses as they struggle against their confinement and writhe their way through the sodden earth up towards the surface – and towards you. Yes, they are coming to claim you as one of them, and take you back to their realm of endless darkness and damnation. 

Now, you are afraid, in desperate need of a friendly face to guide you through this maze of the dead. Then suddenly, through the gloom, you see not one, but two faces, lit by the warm glow of a single lantern. Your worries are over – it’s us, the Guardians of the Hammer Graveyard – Mick Nash and Phil Alexander.

We’ve been digging round here for years, clearing away the mould, spiders and dirt from long-buried facts and bringing them out into the open for you to enjoy on this – our cobweb-site!!

Be our guest, rummage through our pages and see what we’ve found so far. For instance, you’ll discover how Hammer justified their claim that “One Million Years BC” was their hundredth film, and the truth behind the mad life of Professor Winkel, a new cult figure in the eternal fight against evil, plus a brand-new in-depth filmography of Hammer Films, going right back to 1936.

And there will be more – much more. So, add this page to your favourites and keep coming back. The Hammer Graveyard will constantly be revealing a steady flow of its ghastly secrets!!!!!